Sunday, 15 March 2015

X Bambi Jewellery

Hey lovelies,

Sorry for not posting for a while but as I said before I have been very busy with revision and school work due to major exams in May *cry* 

Anways, hope you are all doing well. I haven't had much time to view any new blogs so if there are any blogs I should check out please feel free to add them in the comments :)

Here is a blog post on my new jewellery which arrived the other week from Bambi Jewellery
Her jewellery is all lovingly handmade using the best products which she finds herself. She sells pretty and unique pieces at an affordable price (She also delivers them in sweet little organza bags and they are the cutest things along with her card!!) 
I highly recommend that you check out her instagram too, Bambi Jewellery Instagram. She is also currently looking for more promoters so if any of you are interested in that i strongly advise to head over to her instagram quickly!!

Here are a few photos of the lovely, lovely pieces she kindly sent me. 

Happiness Karma Handchain can be found here

Love me knot ring here

Compass Choker here

As you can tell from the photos they are not the best quality but my sister took her camera to London with her so I had to resort to my samsung phone camera which is a pro at making things look blurry. 
Also, the compass choker can be used as a cute double twisted bracelet or a simple choker (I wear it as both) The love me knot ring is also adjustable which is just fab. Also apologies for the dry hands but it is freezing over here in the UK!

Until next time bunnies, remember to leave and comment and check out my instagram if you want, @h.nah._

Hannah x