Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Central Saint Martins

Coat - Lacoste via Ebay/ Dress - French Connection outlet/ Jeans - Topshop/ Trainers - Adidas via Ebay
Rings - Ebay

Swiss Bagel

Crème brûlée

Pear and almond tart with salted caramel ice-cream. heaven !
This is what I wore to my Art Foundation interview at Kingston University. I still can't seem to lay off the black, and I've become a bit too obsessed with eBay, ended up with three jackets and a pair of trainers, all thanks to mindless bidding...I don't think I got in, judging by other people's portfolios in my group which were all incredible, but I'm not too fussed as I heard back from Central Saint Martins (dream school) and they've offered me a conditional place! Still in so much shock about it but soo excited as I'll be in London next year :) Also a few pictures of what I've been indulging in recently due to Mother's Day- need to lay off the desserts pronto. If you wana see more foodie pictures etc. check out my instagram which I share with my sister @comme_des_filles x
Topshop sale finds

Dreaming of buying these items above, once I resell all the eBay crap - airforce you will be mine.


  1. LOVE this <3


  2. Very nice outfit, black is always gorgeous!

  3. Wow CSM! I've heard of them, they're amazing at art, well done!!!xx

  4. that Lacoste coat looks perfect!& congrats on Central Saint Martins - very impressive :)xx

  5. i love the all outfit, this is something that i would wear for sure!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  6. All these photos are so gorgeous, and the outfit is so lovely! Gushing over your blog hun X

  7. yessssss to the adidas trainers girl! loving these at the moment alongside everyone else hahaha
    www.cheyennedavideblog.com xx

  8. nice and simple all black outfit! love your style of photography, and the food pics look delicious too! ;p

    Check out my latest outfit post! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog

  9. Congrats on the acceptance! You must tell me if you have an instagram, because your food pictures are really beautiful. There's nothing wrong with all black either (if I owned those Nike shoes, they would never come off my feet).


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. hey thanks :) yes i do its @comme_des_filles x

  10. Firstly, Congratulations on being accepted! I love the outfit to, and the photography is really chic. Not to mention how good that food looks... xoxo


  11. I love this outfit! The trainers are amazing,


  12. i love the dress:-) all the food looks delicious! also, congrats on the offer! x

  13. Saint Martins is my dream school, I would love to go there in the future! I'm totally in love with those Nike Air Force shoes too, I need them in my life! xx


  14. The food looks soo good!


  15. Omggg Leah are you kidding me central saint martinss! Im so ridiculously happy for you. I even remeber agees ago I did a post when I took pics infront of central saint martins you were like ahh ual would be my dream and look now you've got a placeee! what course is it the art foundation? girlfriend you need to tell me everythingg seriously heres my email: grandyk@hotmail.co.uk I need like all the tips you could possibly give me aha! Such a gorge post too doll following you on insta now too doll your feed is perff :Dxx


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  17. love your photography!!
    congrats for getting into CSM i'm also at UAL

  18. Hello, I was just browsing blogs & I stumbled on your blog - It is really amazing! I love the posts you do! Nothing like a great blog, look forward to reading more posts :) best wishes!



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