Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New owner on the blog!

Hi all,

Recently my sister (Leah) who took lots of time and effort into creating this fashion blog decided that she is going to stop with it and focus on her work now that she is living in London, however she is still very active on instagram and I suggest that you go check it out, her username is @_.cdf

I used to share that instagram with her but her living in London has proven a bit too difficult to have two people keeping it up so i created my own and in return she gave me her blog!

So anyway, due to now being a different owner i thought I should introduce myself, my name is Hannah and I am 15 years old (16 in April) I have my GCSE's in May so for these first few months I am not going to be very active. From June on wards I will hopefully be able to be posting more.
Please check out my instagram, @h.nah._ 

Lots of love and a new post soon which will hopefully be more about fashion or photography etc,

Hannah x


  1. Welcome!
    Can't wait for your new blog posts :)

    1. Hey Angelika! Thank you very much. That is very encouraging! x

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